Monday, October 7, 2013


   They did a training and used the analogy with the movie miracle. It was really what I needed to hear. The coach said that he wasnt looking for the best players, but the right players. He watched and studied these boys for a looong time and knew them all so well that he didnt need any help picking his team. They said that the same thing with the Lord and us. We are here because the Lord picked us to be here! We arent the best missionaries, but we are the right ones. I really liked that! and I thought of tiesh the whole time cuz I remember we watched miracle on a Sunday night cuz it was still Sunday we were making gospel connections the whole way thru haha its tieshas fault we watched it on Sunday..shes older and I was a young impressionable kid at the time :) hahaha jk

We watched conf in english! We were at the house of jacira and they watched it on the big screen in portuguese and we were in the other room listening in english! conference wassooo good! I went with a list of a few questions and of course they were all answered! It was a really good conference! I loved what Pres Monson said that it was one of the most inspirational conferences that he’s been at. Wow! But its I’ve felt so inspired I wrote about 6 pages today talking about who knows what!

  I know that Thomas S Monson is a true prophet.I feel the spirit SO strong when he talks. I am so grateful that we have a prophet to lead and guide us today. Alan, our baptism, was saying that if we didnt have a prophet, how would the church be. He really was prepared!!! haha

   I love you all sooo much and know that this gospel is true!!! I know the Lord knows each and every one of us. One thing that really touched me is the story about the grandma who was going to visit her grandson in prison an she prayed an asked why am I going thru this, why is he doing this when I have tried to be so good, and the answer came that the Lord gave him to her because she would and could love him no matter what he did. that really struck me. kids really are chosen to be with the parents that would love them no matter what.

Give everyone a HUGE hug for me!!!

Sister Benedita


ps did I tell you we met this guy, his nickname is pool and he as a cemetary at his house that he built with dolls haha hes sooo funny! He watched conference with us and I really wana baptize him hahaha


oyah its also getting hot here so its kinda funny I wake up not knowing what color my hairs guna be or shade of tan ill be hahah its kinda funny!



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