Tuesday, October 15, 2013



oh mama!!!! can i just say how much i love you!!!! this week was a rough one for me. your email just filled me with hope haha! idk what it was about this week but man, it was a growing week for me and my companion.  We were having no luck with the area and it was just a poopy week!!! but we found a realy promising family on Saturday. and both Sis Stewart and I feel really good about them! We think hes going to be the 1st branch pres here haha. We have 20 members an we need 60 before we can open a branch here. mama I want nothing more than to open a branch here!!! I want to be able to stay here until the end of my mission, but who knows. The area is rough...im starting to see the impact members really have on a persons life!!! I cant imagine not being a part of this church because everywhere we moved, we always had our lil "church family". Here in santo estevão...its growing! I am so blessed to be a part of this gospel!!!

I dont really know what to say in this letter, we went to santo antonio de jesus, about 3hrs away an did divisons there. I realy like the area and the people there too!

I am sooo thankful to have a family like ours. The Lord is so smart haha people here dont have the same family values like in the church! We spent 30 min outside a house listening to a man complain about his wife. We always hear that the husband is doing this and this wrong and the wife doesnt do what the husband wants la bla bla! I just think man...how different your life would be with the gospel!!! The gospel really changes lives!!!!

oh I have a challenge for the youth there...an actually everyone who reads this letter!! But here one of the wards, the youth decided that everyone take a picture with the Book of Mormon and put it as your profile pic on facebook. I’ve heard some neat stories with that. Its a great way to show that you are a normal person and a mormon haha. I really liked that idea!

give everyone my love!!!

love you sooooo sooo much

sister benedita



ps...l love the pic of the temple...idk y but this week I have been feeling soooooooo much fault of the temple!!!....er that was horrible english..I have been missing so much the temple!

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