Monday, October 28, 2013


Hi mom!!!! welp this week was a .....growing one for us. This transfer has been a rough one for us. We worked and worked and worked this week and the people we were working with didnt even go to church. We had to cut a lota people too so it was a lil rough this week! But I know the Lord is just testing us...grrr! But transfers are today and we are staying here :) Sis Stewart is finishing her misison here. gosh I love that girl! 
We did an activity yesterday, it was so sweet! It was the dream of Lehi. We put rope in jacira´s (first time in a while I used an apostrophe!) how weird!!)  backyard and we were playing the good angel and bad angel. It was really fun!!! I really love the people here.  There are so many good people here but they just dont see the importance of church. Actualy whats hard here is that everyone, EVERYONE that was already baptized in another church dont see the need to be baptised again. Even when they are...turned away from the church. I have really learned here the importance of the priesthood and authority. Its really incredible!
I gave a talk on Sunday about the root of the Christian doctrine...I didn’t have the slightest clue what it was! but man I loved that talk. Talks about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! not just the atonement, but the sacrifice that he did for us! Thats the root of our doctrine! The sacrifice of Christ! in helaman 5:9 says that its thru the atoning blood of Christ we are saved, not the atonement, not resurrection, but the sacrifice that He did for us!!! Without the sacrifice, there would have been no resurrection, there would have been no perdão, forgiveness! I am super thankful for Christ and what He did for me.
I was reading the conf ensign of 2011 and mama as I was just sifting thru trying to find a talk, I was just hit so strong with the spirit. These men really are called of God. They lead our church and I am so thankful that we have the priesthood restored on the earth! I remember during conference when they show the general authority, I didnt really see anyone new. I was so comforted to know that our leadership doesnt change that often and that these are all honest men of God!!!!
I still havent got your package you sent me! I’m still waitin...and waitin..and waitin lol its startin to get hot here again. I’m getting tan again haha and my hair mama, omylanta its this weird shade of blonde/orange/corn...sei lá! 
This week didn’t have much to report on the area, its...going haha slow and steady! But I love you so much, tell everyone that I love them too!! give a special shoutout for the ellsworths :) tell them I miss going over there just to chat..."time in grade" ;) brother ellsworth'll know what I’m talking about :)
love love love love love you!
sis benedict

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