Monday, January 14, 2013


life here is great!!!. we didnt get to visit a whole lot of new people, or people in general, either they werent there or we spent a lot of time at one place!


oyeah! we had a talent show friday so we had to practice a few times with the elders in our district. so we didnt get to work as much as i wanted. but the talent show was fun! we sang i hope they call me on a mission lol and then i sang come thou fount n played the guitar...idk y but im more scared to sing now in front of people! i dont get it!!!! i was scared before, but now its worse haha idk what happened to me!


saturday was interesting too, 3 people that we talked to almost had a bible bash with lol one man was like nope im a diff religion! your saying that my religion is wrong? things like that lol ijust wanted to be like YUPP! you can only be saved in one church...mine haha and another kid was just contradictiong everything we said. i was getn a little frustrated lol good thing i have a companion!!!!


but this week was good, had a baptism. william!!! hes the type thats going to be truly converted, shoot he already is! hes the type who read what we left him and had questions about it! nossa! but he was baptized yesterday at the church. its always a story on baptism day!!!

still had no water that morning, everyone was asking for things, wheres the baptismal clothes, wheres the baptism, whos singing, can you teach gospel principles...the list goes on!! BUT, water came and the font filled, we taught gospel principles( na verdade sis namura taught!) and we had a baptism! during the service, i prayed to feel what william was feeling. i wanted to feel the Spirit. it wasnt until the amen was said and william was dunked that i felt the spirit. I just felt a peace and a love overcome me! i knew at that moment that the Lord was so pleased with him and his decision!!! its moments like these that make all others worth it!


a few..."other" experiences!!! we saw a man at church who wasnt dressed like everyone else and never seen him before. we went to talk to him afterwards and nossa mama.....turns out hes a member(ithink!! he didnt really say) but hes a ameture singer and has cds... he started to sing to us haha "sai fora em nome de Jesus" haha it was so funny! we were tryin to talk to him but he kept on singing! lol he even came back to church to bring us cds lol we sang in sacrament meeting...oyah il explain after, but this man said we need to find a time to practice so we can sing at the next activity hahah nossa! everydays different here!


but we sang in sacrament mtg! right before church started bishop said hey...can yall sing. sis b in english first verse and yall second and last verse everyone!! great thanks!! sure bishop! i think it was nearer my god to thee!


antonio marcos! nossa he was baptized 2weeks ago and still hadnt received the HG because he hasnt been to church, well after 2 weeks of tryin to get him to come, he was there and confirmed!!!! ithink i can finally sleep(thats a lie, were always stressin about someone haha)


ummmmm o que mais? OH! we were walkin on the street and saw a goat. he was staring us down as we were walking by so i asked him if he wanted to be baptized like Jesus Christ...momentary silence and he concored with a huge BAAAAA lol it was funny :) its little things like this that make your day sometimes lol

well transfers are in a week and idk if ima stay here or be transferred, anythings game at this point. i love you so much

miss the cold!...kinda! but i love ya n pray for yall!!!

sister benedicta

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