Monday, December 31, 2012


oh mainha!!!!

       When we skyped i was at a lan house. where they have a room and a bunch of computers! but so much has happened this week! tipo..its so hard to work durning the holdiays! nobodys at home or theyre getting ready for the holiday! sorry my english is realy bad! and it was super hard to speak english no christmas! so sorry for that haha i didnt know what to say! but it was so good to talk to you!!!
      we had another baptism no sunday! antonio marcos. we were trying to talk to him for over a month and finally got to and he was baptized sunday. but he wasnt at church sunday and has been avoiding us a little bit. this week sis namura and i are going to foucus on strengthening the new members and recent converts and menos ativos! im realy lookin forward to this because i remember what prez porter said in my setting apart!
       oh so yesterday i think i experienced every type of emotion i could have! we have been working with a boy, lucas for about as long as ive been here ( 2months n a little) and finaly was going to baptize him sunday! same sunday i am giving my first talk(freakin out right!) so we were preppin him all week and hes good to go right...sunday rollsa round..noshow! fala serio!!! so we went in a room to pray. mama, i was humbled during that prayer. it was a spritual experience for both of us! but after we find a corona(person with a car basically) and drive to his house n talk to him. his mom didnt authorize it, hes only 16 n his dads a pastor! so we were way bummed n talked wit him a bit but we had to return to give our talks! it was great, i was doin the whole hand gesture thing that people do when they dont speak the language very well, so you can probably imagine what i looked like haha but it was good talked for 25 min! after we taught this kid who was at church sunday with members, William is his name. we met him friday at out christmas ward party! but he was there sunday, and mama talk about a golden contact! he was all talkin on friday about how the church he went to was super repetitive and they taught fastly and yelled! n he didnt want to go to church. but he was there! and talkin with him he realy liked church, he said people taught slow and asked questions and he understood and realy felt the spirit. he wants to be baptized this next week!!! we were so elated!!! so were going to work with him this week, tricky because he lives a hr away but he will be here during the week!
      um i dont realy think much else happened! just that the Lord realy hears our prayers. Its amazing to see the effect the gospel has on a persons life. to see their face light up when we teach them! last week was hard, but the same time, we have seen miracles and have so much to be thankful for!

      I feel like i have my Sister side. and then i have my Me side...i want to put the sides together! i want to feel like i am myself when i teach and talk to people,im learning, i feel WAY more serious in portugese than i do in english.
thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

beijos e abraços!!

sister benedict


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