Wednesday, December 12, 2012



its hotter than normal here!! im all sweaty and sticky before we even leave the house! the water acabou again last night! we didnt have any water to take a shower. so we had to heat up the little water we had in the fridge and take a much as i LOVE ragbaths i am so grateful we only have them hardly ever!!! its crazy its almost realy doesnt feel like it here! i think this will be the first christmas ill have a tan for haha.  i really do feel blessed to be here. transfers were hard. elders left that i didnt want to. you really do become a family here! the language is still hard but a neat experience, i was writing a letter to...sister oliveira thats right! i wrote her a lilttle letter and i think it was in portenglish! and as i was writing i hadnt realized that i was mixing portuguese with english lol i had to read over the letter to see what language i was writing! so its kinda cool to see that progress! also we were in the car with members and they were listening to music..well i guess we were too we were in the car! but it was like 5min before i realized that it was in english! i had to ask haha i realy do believe in the gift of tongues! i learn so much every day and i know one day ill be able to communicate without any help from my comp! i pray for that day!!! i know that miracles happen! i know that we need to show our faith before miracles happen!! O Senhor me ama! he loves us and He wants us happy! miracles happen and we are blessed in so many ways. many times i feel like i dont deserve these blessings or miracles! but i know that the lord wants us happy!!!

 thank you so much for all of your support! thank you for teaching me in the gospel! thank you for your letters!!! thank you for loving me!!!

i love you sooooosososososo much!!!

love sister benedict

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