Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi Mama,

   We taught some people and they accepted baptism, but nobody was at church on sunday. oh saturday i was so sick i couldnt even leave the house. we fasted friday after lunch to saturday and i think that was the cincher. i think i was a lil dehydrated before that n then fasting i dont think i drank enough water. ohman that is something i dont want anyone to experience!!! i was so weak i coulndt even bring myself to stand up or keep my eyes open, it was the worst. so yah...not a fun day. whats worse is we couldnt go out and teach, that really bothered me. but sis namura was so good to me. she made me food and was super sympathetic!i felt bad bc i couldnt eat. i still am not 100 percent but i can work atleast! its still hard to eat, i think i have a bug still but hey the plus side...i lost some weight haha also i got a blessing, oman mama..i am SO glad we have the priesthood on the Earth again!!! seriously, its something spiritual that turns physical. i dont know of any other way to explain it. i cant wait to have the priesthood in home again after the mission!!!


sis namra and i have the goal to baptize 3 people this week so i realy hope we work hard enough to do this.


its sad to hear about what happened at that school with that kid shooting people. i just cant begin to imagine what he was thinking. it reminds me of the story about alma and the people of anti-nephi-lehi (I think!!!) and how they covenanted to not fight the lamanites and thousands of them died by the hand of the lamanites before they stopped, and more lamanites were converted that day than were killed! but a verse in particular says that they werent worried about the people that died bcause they knew that they were pure and would inherit the celestial kingdom!! i know those little kids are saved and that theyare in a better place! they'll be waiting for their families!!!



Its sad but i forget that christmas is almost here, its just not the same when youre sweating in december haha i forget!!!


The mission is everything but yourself!!! everything we do is for other people and sometimes its hard. but mama, when i start to think about myself or do something for myself, i feel bad! like saturday, i felt sooo bad bc i felt like i was having a pity party for myself! but what we do as missionaries is try to teach people about Christ and its up to them to accept the message or not. it is so important to have a testimony of Christ.

He really is the only way. i felt like i had a realy strong testimony before i left, noway mama! i cant believe that people who have been members only 1 year serve missions!nossa!! its incredible! i dont know if iwould have that much faith to serve.


There is a kid here we are teaching, Lucas, and he is 17 and super duper intelligent! hes a well rounded kid. hes been to church the past 5 sundays and weve taught him basically everything and he is keeping all the commandments, but he wont be baptized yet. he doesnt feel like hes received a testimony.he wont really read the book of mormon or pray sincerely about it. he wants to know its true, and he knows!!! or else he wouldnt be goin to church or following the commandments. i really believe that the only way we can gain a testimony is to read the book of mormon and ask if its true!! we hear that our whole lives, but its that simple! we are the only people who can gain a testimony! nobody else can make us have a testimony!!!



what people say is true, a mission is the hardest thing you will EVER do! not hard in the way of i cant walk another step, but hard emotionally as well, but i will say this is the happiest ive ever been!


we had choir last night and we saw vanessa(sis oliveira/old companion) and she told me i look different,  look more angelic or more spiritual. i know that the Lord is in the very details of our lives. as hard as a mision is, i know that this is the happiest ive been, the most tired ive been, the most ive gone through every emotion every day ive been, the most tan ive been, the most dissapointed ive been, the most ive missed y'all but the most grateful ive been for making the decision to serve a mission!!! i truly am grateful for the Savior, without Him we would have NO way of returning to our Heavenly Father, this life literally would be for nothing without Christ.


His is the ultimate example of service, He gave His life for us. pres james e faust said that hope is the anchor of the soul!!! the savior is our hope, our anchor! i know that if we literally put our lives in His hands,we can be the instrument to play the sweet saving melody to help others.dont be afraid to give yourself over to the Lord,  look at the example of Christ, not what He said but what He did! what He still does for us! he changed my life! shucks im so filled with gratitude right now!its kinda funny im writing at the Lan house all cryin n all and people are lookin at me, owell! they should be used to it by now haha ok mama i love you! icant wait to talk to you on christmas!


sorry this letter is long!

love sis benedict


ilove you cant wait to talk to you soon!!!!!

ps im doin a solo tomorrow! i love singin!!!




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