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Sep 12, 2012

Wed, Sep 12, 2012

oh mai!!! it’s so great here! It has been hard; we are sitting in a room for 8 hrs a day! so it’s hard to keep the motivation sometimes!!! i keep sticky notes in my planner of things to tell you so here goes!

We had sorbete 7sept cuz it was Brazilian Independence Day!! best lunch EVER!!!! omylanta it was such good sorbete! ummmm Sis king n i had a fast from English Friday, and it was kinda hard but good for us! I want to learn it so bad n it’s not coming like I want it to. But it’s coming! I sit with Brasileros as much as I can and developed some really good relationships with them! we had a group of Brasileros leave on Tuesday. It was hard because they were my volleyball buddies! They taught me how to say bom trabalho!! So every time we played everyone said it haha!

 My teachers are way cool. One is from Salvador, irmao viana! He’s so funny! In class we learned numbers and if you say a number in class and it’s not in Portuguese the elders have to do 15 pushups n sisters do 15 backpack lifts! Well I got in trouble n said the time in English and he made me get up to do 15 backpack lifts like a bicept curl. Well as I was doing it, one of the times my skirt totally flew up haha my backpack caught my skirt and took it with it!!! haha it was pretty funny! irmao viana said I didn’t have to do anymore!! hehe whoops!

I had a neat experience the other day. We were learning how to introduce the book of mormon and to invite someone to be baptized. Sis king was my investigator and I had irmao raphael help me (he was our teacher in the morning cuz irmao ramos didn’t come..fubeca!!) but he was helpin get me started then I was able to bear my testimony about the book of mormon(em Portuguese) and I just had such conviction that I know the book of mormon is true. I know that the church is true! I really do mom n dad. I know with everything in me that Jesus Christ died for my sins so I could be here. I am so grateful for that!

oh I’ve been sick like the past week!! An elder in our district was sick the 1st week and its spread! So I’ve been blowing my nose a lot!! I was going to sing for devotional(solo) on tues but I was still sick gosh dangit!!!!!

 Sunday was a really good day for me. It was very spiritual which is what I needed! They had the movie 17 miracles playing and I balled my eyes out the whole movie!

Our devotional tues night was about heroes and I just kept thinking about dad. Even sitting here makes me kinda emotional. Dad, you're my hero. I think about everything you've done for me and all of the support you've given me and the things you did so I could have the best opportunity in life. Thank you dad. I am deeply grateful for you. I could always come to you with problems or any gospel question and you knew what to say! Mom, I miss you that’s just a given!!! I love you guys so much!!!

The temple was amazing as always. I had a hard time gettin through the veil, though. the temple worker spoke very good Portuguese and know how great my hearing is!! haha I made it though, that’s all that matters!!!

what else....oh maracacha!!! such a good drink. it’s like a passion fruit type drink! sooo good!! and patatas dulce! it’s a green potato but its sweet. so good!

We have trc every week which is like a recording of teaching. So we teach another district who are pesquisadors and they record us! it’s so scary and I don’t like it but we do it each week!!! nossa senora!!! Its good tho!

ummm what else, nothing really exciting! just my life as a missionary! I love my district. they are so funny. We have running jokes like every single day!!! they crack me up!!! I love it here. i don’t feel like I’m in Brazil still. Our window faces the courtyard and so do the classroom windows!!! We got lucky. The elders in our district were nice enough to take pictures of the city at sunrise and sunset for us...arent they so nice! (grrrrrrr!)

              I love you guys so much!!! i got the letter from tiesh. seriously made my stinkin day!!!!! gosh I love my family!  Days really do feel like months and the weeks are getting shorter! i hope I’m preparing enough and staying focused!! I love you guys so much. Give the family my love


Sister benedict

eu sei que deus vive. eu sei que o livro de mormon e verdadiero. estou muito grata pela opportunidade estar aqui e server um missao em salvador! sou muito grata pela expiação! gah eu amo este igreja muito mucho!!!

te amo, te extrena


I know that God lives. I know that the book of mormon and verdadiero. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here and serve a mission in salvador! I am very grateful for the Atonement! gah I love this church very mucho!!!  I love you, te extrena




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