Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sept 19,2012

oi!! this weeks been so good!


I dream in portuguese!!! i just wake up n dont understand anything!!! haha we went to the police station this last week to become official here! We were there for like 1.5 hrs! but there was a strike goin on when we were there! people all had on the same shirts and were taking pictures and had black and yellow balloons! i wanted a balloon but they left before I could get one!!

Everyone here i tell that im going to salvador say two things 1) the food is way good there and 2) its super hot there!!! So hopefully i dont sweat myself to a puddle haha.

We celebrated chile´s independent day yesterday. It was cool cuz for lunch they had it all decorated and the cooks dressed up! the chile flag was hanging up too. We had dulce de leite for a present!!! omylanta dulce de leite is soooo goood! muito bom! and they had popcorn for dessert too. We dont usually get stuff like that, so i got to have some caramel popcorn!!! my favorite! idk why but being here I just crave sweets hahah

Couple cool experiences, I was studying the scriptures the other day and they just came alive to me. idk why in particular, but I remember reading and just..understanding them! it was so cool! legal! But now when I read I understand who people are and what they´re doing. I'm able to cross reference! I'm not that good, but I'm getting there. It's realy neat!

oh!! so every  week we have to prepare a talk for Sunday because we dont know whos speaking in our district. Well I was having a  hard time figuring out what I wanted to talk about and try to translate. I wrote like 3 diff ones, tried to translate but I wasnt feelin it. Sunday morning I rewrote one just in portuguese but still dint feel confident with it. I just knew I was going to get called because I didnt feel prepared....yah guess who got called to speak Sunday!!! yupp sure was me! I did as much portuguese as I could. I did about half portuguese-half english so it wasnt too bad! I dont even remember what I said haha I asked them why they´re here and their purpose as a missionary basically! It was good tho. The 2nd counselor in the branch presidency kept saying how surprised he was that I was speaking that much portuguese and how much I was trying!

oh another thing..The mission presidents wife, Sis Degn, cornered me in the lunchroom yesterday and asked me to be the new sister coordinator! So basically I meet all the new sisters and write them notes and host the Sunday evening meetings!! I dont know portuguese well enough to do that!! I dont feel qualified enough to do that. It's a small little thing, but im freaking out about it! I know the Lord wil help me though!!!

 oh we got brasilera roomies!! I'm so stoked! they speak no english, but surprisingly Sis King and I understand a lot and can communicate with them so its neat to see that our portuguese isn't that bad haha my journal is halfway filled already and I'm not even halfway throuhg the mtc yet lol I shoulda bought like 18 journals!!!

Sis King and I click so well, we get along really well which is nice! We went to the temple this morning and did initiatories!!! It was so cool. They did it in portuguese (of course!) but I got an english cheat card to look on. It was cool to do that because of the promises the Lord makes to us as we keep our covenants! I had forgotten most of that stuff when I went through the first time! I was sitting in the celestial room and the lighs went off!!! All the lights in the temple went off haha it was kinda funny! I dont think I'll ever have that experience again!

 One more story... when we eat we come in and grab a tray then our food. Well the other morning as I was going to grab a tray I saw on another tray a cocaroach!! It was smushed on top of a tray hahah it was all twitchin n stuff! Welcome to brasil!!!!

I love you guys!! I pray for y'all every night! The days are getting better! I forget how much I love and miss singing until we sing in choir!! I love this gospel, I love the temple! ! I love this gospel, I love where I'm at!!!

a´te mais!!

Sister Benedict

ps we get out every pday to go shoppin and walk around :)


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