Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First impression of Brazil and the MTC

mom! omygoodness i have 27 min to tell you my last week! its amazing here. i sent you a letter with some funny things that happened. i love it here. its been hard! but we get up at 0630 n study basically all day. we have native teachers and they are hilarious. we get to practice teaching in portuguese and english. im surprised how well i can understand and speak portuguese already and its been only 1 week! before i forget my fav scripture is 2ne22.2 sorry i dont know how to do a colon sign on the keyboard. ps i cant even speak english anymore haha my brain is thinking portuguese! um my companion sis king i just love her! she wants to work and she wants to learn so im so blessed to have her as my companion! oh so the first night i was so stoked to take a shower funny story. i strip down and am in the bathroom..well i open the shower to jump in..theres 4 knobs!!! 2 higher and 2 lower! i have no idea whats what so i just started turning them haha the water was freezing so i tried turning the shower off...i could not firgure it out!!! after like 20 min i had to have sis king help me figure out how to turn it off...mind you im in a towel still and this is our first night together haha it was so funy! oh ps..she has an addiction to peanut butter too!!! and we get apples and banans every meal! im in heaven! (id type a smiley face but idk how to) but its good here. one of the first things we learned how to do was bear our testimonies in portuguese and pray. so sunday was fast sunday and we did testimony meeting with our branch and i got up and shared most of mine in portuguese!!! we practice our testimonies in portuguese in class with our disctrict-we have 11 people in ours. 2sets of sisters and 3 sets of elders...1 trio! i love those guys. but anyways when anybody bears their testimony thats when i feel the spirit the most. i just love it here. the food is amazing!!! its all chewy, or soupy...nothings realy crunchy here so iv managed to spill on myself every meal haha.  went to the temple today! it was amazing the temple is so beautiful. when we got to the veil the temple worker said everything in portutugese and so i figured i had to. so i said everything in port. it was kinda cool. the celestial room is beautiful too...almost as beautiful as brighma city! um so i forgot so much umbrellas. the lang is kinda hard to learn cuz everyone speaks a dif dialect kinda like the us and their accents. but im learning that i need to rely on the lord. i miss you guys, but there is not a doubt in my mind this is where i need to be. thank you so much for loving me and supporting me on my mission. im going to sing a solo next tues nite devotional. we sang come thou fount in portuguese for choir..its my alltime absolute favorite song! i love you!! i know the gospel is true. eu sei que deus e um filho de deus. seu muito grato para a expiasao. eu sei que jesus christo murreo para meus pecados...i love this gospel! i love sao paulo! its beautiful!!

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