Monday, November 18, 2013



Hi, so this typewriters really nice so if i have misspelling..its cuz im not used to a good typewriter haha


This week was another super good week! We decided to work in another part of the city because where we were going was giving us nothing. We had SO much success! We brought a mom and her lil daughter to church Sunday and a lady from another church! oh so I gotta tell you, We did a contact with a kid about 2 months ago but haven’t been able to find him at home. We ended up becoming friends with his mom that goes to another church! Well Sunday we decided to pass by and take him to church. It was a miracle that he was at home! He ended up going and his dad ended up going. This week his mom ended up going and we had a barbq after church :) bbqs here are SO much better! It’s not burgers and root beer, its real meat with rice and these realy good beans an a lil salad!!! SO GOOD!!! tell Thad he can be jealous and tell Chris that no its not like porto alegre hahaha


We still haven’t had a baptism, and I’m really not sure why. We have people that go to church, we found people that are progressing, they just dont wana get baptised for some reason or another. It’s so confusing to Sis Stewart and I. But I know the Lord has a plan for us and I feel like were doing it. We’re slowly winning the hearts of santo estevao!!!


oman mama u gota play the turkey bowl for me! They dont celebrate thanksgiving here, I’m so sad!!!! and its crazy to think I’ll be home for thanksgiving next year lol


 We’re going to do divisions this week in an area close to the beach. so we decided to wear jeans...oman I feel SUPER weird/normal in jeans!!! I’m not used to it! We woke up at 4am, left at 5am and was traveling until noon!! We took 4 busses and hit transito twice!! omylanta I’m so not guna miss that!!!


but anyways, I love you so much! I’m so grateful for yáll!!!


oh mama I met Sis Mckenzie! She already knew me from before, and I’m sure her moms guna read this hahahah shes so cute :) 

but anyways, this work is true, I’m so grateful to be a missionary.


love you

sis b

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