Monday, November 11, 2013



  This week was a really good, interesting week! this week FLEW by!

1st off, I decided ima worry after about school lol I got enough to worry about

2. we tried to baptise the son of a recent convert, but hes scared to get baptised...he LOVEs soccer and they always play on Sunday, so were tryn help him

3 we found a whole lota people to teach this week! we are finding new people and they look really promising!!

4. Sunday we had the most people at church that weve ever had here, 23 people!!! yaaaaayyyy!!! (thats huge for us!) AND, we had a pastor come to our church. idk if I told you about marcelo, but we ran into him lookin for another marcelo and welp, hes a pastor but doesnt believe his religion, idk mama everything is just too concidencial to be a coincidence! he is lovin the bom and is readin and really evaluatin his life! we had 4 investiators at church and its funny cuz every one of the investigators knew this pastor bc they went to his church hahah it was really funny.

5 I have been noticing a lot more the influence of the spirit in this work. the other day i was studying the scriptures, and i always pray to read or learn something that will help our investigators...well i have NO idea why, but my study lead me to 1 samuel 3. i think i was looking up a reference in that chapter....idk! but anywho i started reading the first part about how samuel was sleeping and heard a voice call his name. he thought it was his dad but it wasnt. it was the Lord calling Samuel. well mama, Sunday pastor marcelo was teling us what had happened Sunday morning. He said he didnt sleep at all that night and when it was time for him to wake up he heard someone calling his name, he thought it was his wife, but it wasnt. he heard this voice caling his name a few more times. it was the same time that he needed to wake up!!! mama i gave him 1 samuel 3 to read!!! its incredible how the Lord answers our prayers!!!

6. also we gave suprise talks Sunday. bishop told us right before sac mt! haha but mine was on honesty and i prayed and prayed that i would be able to say something that our investigators would remember and needed to hear. afterwards, marcelo was talkin to us and referenced about 3-4 times somehting i had said!!!

7. i am so grateful to be here! i love this work so much!!! the Lord truly does try our faith!!! whats that scripture..its after the trial of our faith we work miracles...something like that!!! our faith truly has been tried these past few months!

8. oh did i mention an area70 is coming to visit us..and ima sing :) im super nervous but super stoked!!!!

9 i love love love love love yal so much!!! its crazy how fast time is flying by!!! i wana  come home but i dont wana leave here!!! i have learned so much here! i was thinkin that today, that i am so grateful for every experience that ive had in my life, all the bad ones, the sad ones, the happy ones, they have al been growing experiences for me!!! i love this gospel so much!!!

10. oyah one more thing. this mornin i grabbed the conference ensign of 2011 and was really wanting to read a talk about temples( can ya tell im desperate to go again!) and i started reading one about elijah!!! mama im so glad yall go to the temple! please emphasize the importance of the temples. yall are so spoiled to have a temple so close! i see the sacrifice that people here make just to go to the temple.its incredible!

i love you

sis benedict


ps did i mention that i finally used the pocketknife that daddy gave me haha we were doin a division in salvador and the sisters had to put together their beds. wel we dont have screwdrivers or anythin, but then i remembered that i had the pocketknife in my bag, haha so i totally whipped it out and was able to put the beds toether!!! thanks dad!

i totally felt like a boyscout :)


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